Christopher Leach | Director

Christopher is a Director with over 25 years experience in the industry he has a wide range of experience as a team leader in property condition audits, tax depreciation, cost planning and life cycle costing on a wide and diverse range of new and alteration projects for both private and Government clients. He has been responsible for the preparation of business case studies and cost benefit analysis for numerous projects for both ACT Government and Commonwealth Agencies.

He is extremely experienced in working with the Department of Defence having prepared numerous Net Personnel and Operating Cost analysis (NPOC) for a wide range of studies. A sample selection of Projects have included Canberra Theatre Trust Proposed Link ($8M), Belconnen Leisure & Aquatic Centre ($20M), ACT Supreme Court Study ($50M), all for the ACT Government and ACT Accommodation Study ($1b), HNA RAAF Edinburgh ($0.6b), Commando Training Facility Holsworthy ($86M) and the RAN Heritage Centre ($5M) for Department of Defence and the Australian Cotton Research Institute ($6M), Narrabri, EMAI Camden ($40M) for NSW DPI.

Christopher was also responsible for the preparation of the financial submission for the new 40,000m2 Centrelink National Support Office at Tuggeranong including the Cost Benefit Analysis and input to the REG 10 Submission to DoFD.
Christopher Leach